Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Kristin Stewart Latest Rumors?!?!?

Kristin Stewart, (in the runaways, twilight, etc.) probably has a lot of trouble with rumors being the star of a popular movie. Previously, she was supposed to be "engaged" to Rob Pattinson, and later it was found to be FALSE. He admitted on an interview he proposed to her as a joke to break the tension when practicing lines.

But back to today, the latest rumors, from the Oprah show with Rob, Kristen, and Taylor, Rob says Kristin is pregnant, and that they are dating,

So, the rumors are 1. Kristen is pregnant. 2. Rob and Kristin are dating.

Only 1 is true, and again the true rumor is NOT that Kristen is pregnant, and Rob and her are dating. However, Rob only announced she was pregnant to shock people, because he finds it funny.

A few more things we've learned about Kristen, is that she's become great friends with Dakota Fanning, and that she is very fond of her cat :)

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